Should you get your carpets professionally cleaned every year? The answer may surprise you.

Many business owners often ignore the underlying benefits of professional carpet cleaning. Dirty carpets can take a toll on the wellness of employees and productivity of a business. 

As a business owner, it’s up to you to take your carpet appearance seriously as it can affect your employee’s health and customer’s perspective of your business. 

You’ll be surprised at how a regular carpet cleaning can improve the overall aesthetics of your business environment. 

As mentioned earlier, an unclean carpet can create a negative impression of your business. Even if you sell the highest quality product or even if you offer a top-notch service, your office appearance may make or mar your business.

 To ensure that your potential customers are not turned off by dirty carpet, you need to regularly keep your carpet looking dirt-free and spotless.   

Do you need commercial carpet cleaning? 

Yes, you do!  While we recommend vacuuming your carpet daily, professional carpet cleaning can be performed twice every year or even twice a month.

 The level of carpet cleaning varies and may be determined by a few factors including, the business traffic, climatic condition of your business area, and the type you use.  A professional cleaning company can recommend how often you need to do professional cleaning.  

With that said, here are 5 reasons businesses should be getting their carpet cleaned professionally every year.

5 reasons businesses should be getting their carpet cleaned professionally

1. Improves productivity 

Nothing feels better than an employer who takes the appearance of his business location seriously. Employees develop more passion to work harder when their employer and workplace have got their back. An office with dirty carpets is uncomfortable and can destroy the motivation to work harder. 

Using the service of a professional carpet cleaning company shows that the employer takes the workforce environment with utmost priority. 

2. Attracts more customers

The truth is appearance plays a critical role in attracting customers. While you may have an amazing product, a business environment that looks unkempt won’t attract customers.  

A regularly cleaned and maintained office will create an aesthetically pleasing environment that attracts customers to stay around for long while spending more money. 

3. Prevent quick carpet damage 

Dog on carpet

When a carpet is dirty, it accommodates abrasive particles that eventually cause wear and tear and damage the carpet. 

You’ll have a beautiful, long-lasting carpet when you hire a professional carpet cleaner to handle your commercial cleaning regularly. 

Let’s face it, Carpeting is the best air filter for your business.

A damaged carpet holds dirt more than a less damaged carpet. This makes the office air difficult to breathe for customers and employees. 

4. Maintains employee’s health and wellness 

Let’s face it, dirty carpets can make you sick. They may likely cause colds, fevers, and headaches because of the dust and bacteria they trap. 

Illness increases your employee’s sick days which is unhealthy for business productivity. 

Allergies hide deep inside the carpet. The most effective way to remove them is to use the professional service of a carpet cleaning company that uses unique chemicals and hot water. 

5. Builds your business reputation 

The smell and aesthetics of your office will determine how the community members perceive your business. 

What people say about your working environment can boost people’s familiarity with your business. 

Many people may judge the quality of your service from the consistent cleanliness and aesthetically pleasing environment of your office. 

The word of mouth reference is not limited to customers, other businesses also do that. 

It’d make no sense to allow dirty carpets to destroy your business reputation. 

While some companies have permanent staffs that do their carpet cleaning, having a properly cleaned carpet goes beyond the usual carpet cleaning basis (amateurish cleaning) 

Here’s the thing: Different carpet styles require a specific cleaning approach. For example, water temperature and chemical requirements vary for carpet style – something which only professional carpet cleaning service understands.    

You may risk torn or completely damaged carpet if done the wrong way. 

An employee who lacks the required carpet maintenance skills will prefer not to clean it regularly because of the fear of accidental damage. 

Quick carpet tips 

When you combine personal carpet cleaning with the occasional use of an expert cleaner, you can easily expand the longevity of your carpet while keeping your business area looking aesthetically pleasing. 

Clean up problem areas

How frequent- regularly 

Individual dirt combines to ruin your office aesthetics. A rule of thumb is that the more a stain stays on the ground, the harder it becomes to remove them. Thankfully, there’s a quick and workable remedy – spot cleaning.  If done rightly, spot cleaning can effectively remove stains regardless of their toughness. You can have your in-house janitor perform this task using unique cleaning products and the right cloth to booth out the stains. However, stubborn stains may require expert attention. 

Vacuum regularly 

How frequent- daily 

To maintain your carpet quality and freshness, we recommend vacuuming daily, especially if your business is in commercially-active areas. Apart from improving overall quality, vacuuming also prevents dirt from embedding your carpet interior.  

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

Many business owners think that investing in a professional carpet cleaning service in New Orleans is completely unnecessary. However, not all debris and stains are removable with the normal cleaning process performed by your in-house janitorial service.  

Plus, paying an expert cleaner a few times a year will help you save the cost of carpet replacement.