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If you have business in New Orleans, you know the importance of keeping your business looking professional. A professional and clean building will help you bring in clients. Especially if you are a business that has frequent customers coming in throughout the day. You need to maintain a high-level appearance in your building. 

Running a successful business in New Orleans is a tough job. A day porter can help you run your business smoothly and efficiently.

New Orleans Porter Services

What Is A Porter Service?

If you have a commercial establishment in New Orleans. In an office, you have a lot of people performing their jobs. This can cause wear and tear on your property. Since you and your employees are busy dealing with customers and providing the best services in New Orleans, you need someone for daily care and maintenance.

Scrub pros day porters are the heroes that will help keep your building looking professional. Our valued team will make sure that your customers, employees, and you are satisfied. We keep your facility clean with good repair service provided. This will help you solve problems before they become complicated ones. 

What Does A Day New Orleans Porter Services Include?

At scrub pros, our day porters handle any task at hand. Our members will help keep you running your business smoothly. Generally, a day porter service includes:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting restrooms
  • Monitoring and servicing restroom
  • Lobby maintenance
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Restroom restocking
  • Surface dusting and cleaning 
  • Policing entrance so they always look their best 
  • Vacuuming 
  • Cleaning windows and blinds
  • Litter cleanup 
  • Complete trash bin cleaning service
  • Clean common rooms like kitchen and cafeterias.
  • Meeting setup/teardown 

These are just general responsibilities that a day porter service covers. But we understand that every business in New Orleans is different. At scrub pros our services are flexible. Unlike the nighttime cleaning crew, we work with you and your employees. Our porters are trained to deal with any type of situation that you guys might need help dealing with.  

Why Hiring A Day Porter Service Is A Must For Your Business In New Orleans?

If you are still unsure about working with a day porter service. Here are some of the reasons why a day porter service is a must for your business in New Orleans:

  1. Improve Productivity:
    A clean workplace helps keep things organized and running smoothly. Research has proven that a dirty or clustered workplace environment decreases productivity. A day porter will make sure that your workplace is lean and looks professional.

    A day porter is someone that is part of your team. They help make things easier for you and your employees.  They will help deliver packages, help you prepare for the last-minute meeting that was scheduled, help make copies of your documents and any kind of help that you might need.
  1. Improve And Maintain Facility Appearance:
    As a business owner in New Orleans, a good first impression is essential for the success of your business. A clean and professional-looking building can boost your company’s reputation and total value.

    Day porters are all-rounders who are committed to keeping your building looking clean and running efficiently. If you have high foot traffic on your property you must be regularly cleaning and disinfecting. Day porters at scrub pros will take care of everything while you and your employees go about their day. 
  1. Maintain Building Safety:
    A New Orleans Porter Services will not only take care of cleaning and sanitization. They are also responsible for removing any tripping hazards such as clean-up, spills, etc.  They are also responsible to deal with any stains as soon as possible as they can be difficult to remove if they are allowed to sit for a longer period. 

    They can help you move larger items from the floor.  They can also be responsible for light maintenance. Overall if they see anything that can be a hazard, they will bring it to your attention and help you solve the problem. 
  1. Customer Service:
    A day porter helps you perform and focus on your task better. As a business owner, you know that there is someone that will be taking care of micro-tasks so you can focus on yours. A day porter will help you coordinate deliveries and supplies. The best part of a day porter service is delivering concierge-style customer service with ease and exemplary performance.

Questions You Can Ask Before Hiring A Porter Service In New Orleans:

  1. How many years have you been providing commercial cleaning services?
    Experience is one of the most important factors that ensure you get high-quality service. You want someone who is trained and our property is not a training ground for novice cleaning staff. An experienced porter service has specific protocols, processes, and equipment that help them provide good services.
  1. Is your company insured and bonded?
    The day porter service in New Orleans should not only insure themselves but also ensure you. A cleaning company in New Orleans should have four types of insurance: general liability, workers compensation, automobile liability, and umbrella policies. These cover damage to the property or any other injuries that might occur while they perform their duties. This ensures that your property is safe and covered while they work. Smaller cleaning companies only provide reimbursement for damaged, broken, or missing property.
  1. Do you have any green programs implemented?
    If you are a business owner in New Orleans that focuses on sustainability, you need a porter service that believes the same. A green company focuses on sustainability, health, safety, and environmental responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. The Differences Between Day Porters And Janitorial Services?
    You might get confused about the difference between Porter and Janitorial services. A porter service is responsible for cleaning surfaces and commercial areas in the daytime. They work alongside you and your employees. While a janitorial service is often performed during off-office hours with low traffic. A porter service makes sure you do not have to wait for night cleaning staff to see any essential concerns.
  1. How Much Does A Day Porter Service Cost In New Orleans?
    Every building is different. There are different services and requirements. You can get in touch with us today to get an average price for our porter service in New Orleans.
  1. How Can I Get A Free Quote For A Day Porter Service In New Orleans?
    If you want to get a free price quote for day porter service, you can do that by clicking the link below

Why Scrub Pros Is the Porter Service For You In New Orleans

Cleaning office entrance

Scrub pros are the leading day porter service provider in New Orleans. Over the years we have worked with multiple different sized businesses and industries in New Orleans. Choosing Scrub pros is going to keep you and your employees happy and satisfied. 

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