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Trusted New Orleans Floor Maintenance & Cleaning

  • Trusted New Orleans Floor Maintenance & Cleaning

Floor maintenance is important for all kinds of floors. Whether your floor is made from wood, laminate, wood, and tile. If you have any kind of business or commercial building in New Orleans it is always worth investing the time and effort to ensure that your floors are not only looking the best but are also safe, secure, and meet the standards of your company. As a commercial building, you have a lot more foot traffic. This can cause your floors to gather dust and allergens which can affect the health of the building and also cause wear and tear in the long run.

What Is A Floor Maintenance Service?

Floor maintenance is critical to maintaining the aesthetic of your workplace and keeping your office looking clean. A well-kept floor plays a major role in making a positive impression on your clients. It will also help extend the life of your floors and carpets. Scrub prose is a floor maintenance service that will help take care of any kind of floor. We will remove any kinds of stains, soils, allergens, and get it looking good as new. 

New Orleans Floor Maintenance

Many businesses do not have the time and manpower to devote to floor-cleaning. Employees working for the company usually have many other duties and cannot provide professional floor-cleaning services. We understand that growing and supporting a business is an integral part of employee work, and it can be difficult to find the time to devote to professional floor-cleaning.

This is where Scrub Pros Cleaning Service steps in to provide commercial floor-cleaning services to keep floors sparkling. Our staff of professional floor-cleaners has the knowledge and skills to shine New Orleans floors so they are pristinely clean to greet customers. This frees up employee time to devote to serving customers.

What Does A Floor Maintenance Service Include?


  • Buffing/burnishing
  • Stripping and waxing
  • Scrubbing and refinishing


  • Interim cleaning of traffic lanes
  • Carpet extraction

Complete Carpet Cleaning

When your carpets are looking worse for wear, call on us for regular or one time cleaning. We are happy to customize your routine office cleaning service by adding carpets to that package.

Power Washing Floors

For floors that need an extra helping of cleaning, we offer power washing services to clean any level of dirtiness.

Tile Floor Stripping & Waxing

When you have waxed tile floors, keep them looking their best with our floor stripping and waxing services, which may be added to your routine cleaning package.

Commercial Floor cleaning services including;

  • Grout cleaning
  • Baseboards
  • Hard surface
  • Wood floors
  • Retail store floors
  • Floor Cleaning (Includes Buffing)
  • Floor Polishing & Waxing
  • Floor Cleaning Machine
  • Floor Sealing, Floor Stripping, Floor Waxing
  • Polishing, & Buffing
  • Carpet Deep Cleaning
  • Using Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

Specialized Floor Services

  • Carpet Vacuuming, Shampooing, Steam Extraction, Scotchguard®
  • Linoleum Wax Stripping Floor Wax

Pre-Cleaning / Post-Cleaning for Live Events

We will provide New Orleans floor maintenance services for arenas, conference centers and event halls, including rugs, tile and marble hallway floors, commercial kitchens, restroom facility floors.

Types Of Commercial Floor Care Maintenance In New Orleans:

There are three types of commercial floor maintenance that you can choose from.

  1. Daily Cleaning:
    Daily cleaning will include vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, and spot cleaning. This is done at least once a day to remove any kind of dirt and debris. This is important to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris on your floors.
  1. Periodic Care/Preventative Maintenance:
    Other than your daily cleaning every day. You also need more thorough care in a few months. This periodic maintenance prolongs the lifespan of your floor and enhances its appearance. This will include deep scrubbing, stripping, waxing, steam cleaning carpets, tile and grout repair. Preventive maintenance helps deal with any issues before it results in some serious damage. This is a job that is only for professional floor maintenance service providers. 
  1. Complete Floor Restoration or Replacement:
    The best maintenance service will help you prolong the life of your floor. But we cannot help keep your floor looking great forever. Floor restoration service will include severely worn floors and installing new components or replacing the floor entirely. This is not at all needed often especially if you do not neglect daily or periodic floor maintenance.

Benefits Of A Professional Floor Maintenance Service In New Orleans:

A professional New Orleans floor maintenance service has many benefits for your business

  1. Stunning Impression for Your Guests and Clients:
    When your client or customer comes in the first thing, they will notice your floors and doors. First impressions usually convert your prospects into clients. You want to build credibility and trust. Hiring a professional floor maintenance service will keep our floors well-polished. This will also maintain the durability of your hardwood and carpeted floors. 
  1. Improve Sanitation and Avoid Accidents:
    If you have a commercial building that has high foot traffic it will cause dirt and dust to enter your building. Daily vacuuming and mopping are necessary, but a professional floor maintenance service will not only sanitize your floor but restore the best attribute of your floor.

    Scrub pros professional floor maintenance service uses green cleaning products, which will remove all kinds of stains and pet accidents from your carpeted, ceramic, and hardwood without damaging them. We also have high-tech floor cleaning machines, floor buffers, and scrubbers that work efficiently and lever your floor looking its best.
  1. Have More Time To Focus On Your New Orleans Based Business:
    The best part of a professional ground maintenance service is that it will give you time to focus and grow your business. If you start focusing on cleaning chores it will take up all your time. As a business owner, you need to use your time wisely and with our help you can do that. Other than that, a clean work environment will motivate you and your employees to be more creative. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How soon can I walk on my floors after cleaning?
    It depends on the type of flooring you have and what services that you use. It can vary from a few hours to a day.
  1. Why should cleaning and maintenance of the floor be a daily routine?
    Having a daily floor cleaning and maintenance service ensures that any dirt and dust that has been tracked into your facility is removed. This decreases the amount of periodic cleaning that your flooring will need which can be more time-consuming and expensive.
  1. How much does floor maintenance service cost?
    Floor maintenance services vary. It all depends on the size of your building, the types of floors you have, the hours spent cleaning them, and other factors. You can get a free price quote for your specific need.

Why Scrub Pros New Orleans Floor Maintenance Service Is The One You Need:

Sweeping a floor

At scrub pros, we are trained and highly qualified and will take off your floors cleaning, and maintenance. What sets of scrub pros is the best option for you in New Orleans?

  • Experienced: You want someone that is experienced and knows what they are doing. Scrub pros are the leading cleaning company in New Orleans 
  • Consistency: Our clients trust us to do a great job every single time. This is why scrub pros are the only floor maintenance service they trust. 
  • Well-equipped: Scrub pros have state-of-the-art equipment that ensures that your floors are cleaned and maintained efficiently. 
  • Bonded and insured: No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. This is why at scrub pros we are fully bonded and insured. This will cover any property damage, missing property, or injuries to our employees. 
  • Secure and Confidential: You need a maintenance service you can trust. Scrub pros employees can work without your supervision. We ensure that only certain people have access to keys and that the workers are closely observed that they are performing their job properly.

You do not have to take care of your floors alone. Let us help you in keeping them look their best. Without any delay contact scrub pros today.

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