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The recent pandemic that hit the world has changed everything for everybody. Especially for all types of businesses in the world. You are not only expected to make great products or great services, you need to constantly worry about the health and safety of your customers and employees. It can be tough to manage all this while running your business. Luckily for you, Scrub pros offer disinfecting services so that you can focus on making your business successful. 

New Orleans Disinfecting Service

What Is A Disinfecting Service?

A disinfecting service is a periodic service that your cleaning service provides. This involves businesses in New Orleans hiring professionally trained cleaners that sanitize your business according to the CDC guidelines. A disinfecting surface uses chemicals or products that can kill up to 99.999% of germs that may be present on hard surfaces. This helps prevent the spread of different microorganisms that can be infectious. You need a cleaning company that is experienced and has the knowledge on how to prevent the outbreak of infectious disease. 

Why You Need A New Orleans Disinfecting Service

Due to the recent pandemic, we know that when it comes to your health you can never be too safe. With the help of scrub pros disinfecting service in New Orleans, you know that your customers and employees are safe. These are some of the reasons you should hire a disinfecting service in New Orleans.

Hiring Disinfection Services Is Hassle-Free

As a business owner in New Orleans, you want minimum interruption while your employees perform their duties. It can be hassle and time-consuming for employees to take out time from their busy schedule and work on sanitizing and disinfecting their workplace. 

Professional disinfecting service in New Orleans does not disrupt your workflow. They work during business hours and ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely. This also allows your employees to feel a sense of security when they know that they are safe in their workplace. This allows them to focus better and be more productive.

Disinfection Plans Are Made Custom To Fit Your Business:

At Scrub Pros Janitorial Service, we understand that not every business in New Orleans is the same. This is why our services are custom to fit your business needs. We visit your facility and give you a free estimate. As disinfecting experts, we take care of your facility top to bottom. This includes disinfecting high traffic areas such as breakrooms, bathrooms, public areas, and workstation. We also take care of areas that can normally be overlooked such as storage, basement, HVAC system. We also use different methods to clean different areas such as spray or fog for open areas and a more delicate method for sensitive technology.

Professionals Know Where And How To Clean:

Your employees are expected to follow the protocols to prevent the spread of infectious disease but this does not mean they know how to disinfect their surroundings. A professional disinfecting service uses products that can remove all kinds of viruses and bacteria. We have specific high-grade cleaning tools and supplies that are more effective than the ones available in the market. Other than that we also set a schedule for routine disinfection so we can ensure the safety of your workers. 

Customer Confidence:

Your customers should feel secure in their surroundings. Knowing that you hired a professional New Orleans disinfecting service that ensures that your facility is safe can impact their experience. You can also communicate to them the benefits of disinfecting service and how their health is your priority.

What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Professional Disinfecting Service In New Orleans:

When hiring a disinfecting service, you should hire one that is an expert in their jobs. You should be getting what you are paying for and that your facility is safe. These are some of the questions you should ask before hiring a disinfecting service in New Orleans.

Key Questions To Ask

  1. Is the company using disinfecting or sanitizing products?
  2. Are their products effective against viruses such as covid-19?
  3. Are the employees tested for Covid-19?
  4. Does the company offer ATP testing which confirms that surfaces are free from covid-19?
  5. Does the company use EPA-approved disinfecting products?

Companies You Should Avoid Working With In New Orleans:

There are certain companies that we recommend that you avoid.

  1. Companies that are not using high-grade special tools and products.
  2. Companies that do not offer UV disinfection.
  3. Companies that do not communicate if they will be disinfecting both hard and porous surfaces.
  4. Companies that do not offer ATP testing.
  5. Do not have experience dealing with hazardous or toxic substances.
  6. They do not have a certified industrial hygienist certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Facility? 

This varies depending on your business and up to the clients. They are different factors that play a role in this such as foot traffic and outside factors such as disease and health conditions. We recommend a consistent cleaning schedule that ensures a clean and safe environment throughout the day. Our scrub pros expert can help you decide the best schedule for you. 

Who Is Our Disinfection Service For? 

We provide services for all types of stores, offices, or any other facility you are looking to disinfect. You can get in touch with us to get more information. We are here to help keep you safe and healthy. 

What Is The Cost Of Ongoing Disinfection Services In New Orleans? 

The cost varies depending on the size of your facility, the services ordered, and the schedule. You can go to our website to get a free quote.

Why Scrub Pros Is The Disinfecting Service For You In New Orleans:

You need a disinfecting service that is reliable. At scrub pros, we are dedicated to providing the best service keeping the health and safety of our clients a priority. With 100% positive feedback from our clients, we are the leading disinfecting service in New Orleans. Scrub pros have set a new standard for disinfecting and cleaning service. 

Do not waste time get in touch today with our experts.