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New Orleans Construction Cleanup

  • New Orleans Construction Cleanup

If you are looking to get your commercial building remodeled or built you need someone to handle the post-construction cleanup. Your business should not have to compromise on productivity by assigning post-construction duties to staff members. You can hire a professional post-construction cleanup service in New Orleans to get the job done.

What Is A Construction Cleanup?

Post-construction cleanup is a necessary step to transition back to normal business in your commercial building. Post-construction cleanup does not only include removing any dirt or debris. We give your building the finishing touches it needs from removing scuff marks on walls, cleaning windows and floors, waxing floors, and anything that might be needed.

Scrub pros post-construction service put your best foot forward. We will remove any mess that was left behind by your contractors and remove any mess that can distract your visitors. Your employees and your business should get back to serving its customers as soon as possible.

New Orleans Construction Cleanup

What Does Post Construction Cleanup Include:

A post-construction cleanup will get the whole facility clean from top to bottom. Post clean up service includes:

  • Dusting ceilings and walls
  • Make sure the walls are free from any scuff marks and smudges
  • Vacuum any dust from the floor
  • Clean all the countertops
  • Power washing all the windows and frames
  • Remove any paint from the hinges
  • Get rid of any trash 
  • Clean all the doors
  • Remove stickers, plastic, or masking tape from appliances.

How Is Post Cleanup Services Performed:

There are three phases included in a New Orleans Construction Cleanup:

  1. Rough Clean:
    Rough cleaning starts just before finishing the construction or right after. It involves removing large items such as trash, debris, leftover materials that might be hazardous and can not be vacuumed. After this general sweeping and vacuuming are done.

    Before installing new floors, your cleaners might clean the plywood or concrete to ensure seamless and secure installation. This step will also include sweeping, dusting, scrubbing your walls, and washing the windows.
  1. Light Clean:
    This is the most important and most work during the post-construction process. This phase is 90% the reason why clients hire a professional post-construction cleaning service. In this step, we pay attention to your toilets, cabinets, windows, sinks, and even the most inner surfaces such as air ducts. We use high-tech equipment that gets the job done efficiently. This ensures that your facility is clean from top to bottom.
  1. Final Clean:
    Final cleaning includes adding the final touches before your building is ready to use. Since in the light cleaning most of the work is done. In the final cleaning, we just pay attention to detail. This will include removing fingerprints, smudges, or any minor imperfection. This will only take a short amount of time.

Why You Need A Post Construction Cleanup In New Orleans:

After the construction of your building, you have to worry about post build cleanup. Here are some reasons why you let the professionals handle the job.

Convenience and Speed

Post-construction cleanup is a tedious task. If your priority is to get the tenants in the new construction building you need professionals that can help you with that. Scrub pros with years of experience and the manpower to get the job done. Leaving no stones unturned and saving you time.

The Right Tools for the Job:

A professional post-construction cleaning service is very different from your regular cleaning. They have the experience, the tools, and the skill to complete the cleanup. They know to start with your HVAC system and get that clean. They then use special cloth and equipment to clean any silica, drywall dust, and sawdust that might have settled on and surfaces.

Creating a Safe Environment:

After construction, you need to properly clean the construction site. There might be nails, screws, chemicals, and paint that can cause accidents. You also have to remove all dust left behind that might cause respiratory problems. You should let the professionals deal with it.


If you are on a budget, you might think that it is a lot of extra money. It does initially seem like that but that is not the case. With our help, you are saving a lot of money buying different materials for cleaning, hiring additional people, and the headache of dealing with trying to clean everything on your own. It will also take less time so your business will be up and running in no time.  

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Whose Responsibility Is It To Clean Up After A Remodelling?

There is no clear-cut answer for this. It depends on different situations. According to a recent law, it is not the duty of the construction company to offer to clean-up. In some cases, the construction company might provide cleanup for some extra charges. You can always ask them and if not, you can hire a cleanup company like scrub pros.

Are There Any Risks To Performing Cleanup Myself?

It depends on the job in certain cases it can be an easy cleanup job for example if you got your garden remodeled. In some more major construction, there are certain risks of your cleaning up yourself. You might damage your newly renovated property; in other cases, you might hurt yourself moving heavy objects. With a construction company if any damage takes place it is covered by insurance.

How Much Does Post Construction Cleanup Cost In New Orleans?

There is no specific price for this. It varies drastically depending on how much time will be spent cleaning up or the complexity of the job. You can always get a free estimate from our website. Click the link below.

Why Is Scrub Pros The Construction Cleanup Service You Need In New Orleans?

Scrub pros are the leading construction cleanup company in New Orleans. With our remarkable customer service and our determination to satisfy our customers every single time. If you are looking for a post-construction clean-up service, get in touch with us today. We assure you will not be disappointed, and the money will be well spent.