5 signs it’s time to switch cleaning providers

It’s human nature to get comfortable in routine, we take the same way to work every day, we drink our morning coffee at exactly 630am, dinner is timed to be served at the same time everyday. It’s habit, it’s the normal, the easy, and the expected, the same is set for your cleaners. You’ve had them for the last two years, five years, sometimes even longer… you know them… you trust them… they are easy because it requires no additional work to have them continue cleaning for you, but sometimes we have to break habits, we have to step out of the comfortable, we have to do that extra work for the results we want.

So when should you be looking at cutting your current cleaning company? Here are five reasons you should start looking around at replacing your janitorial service provider.

They start overlooking simple tasks

Your current cleaner seems to no longer put in the same energy and attention to details as they once did, they are comfortable and coming across as sloppy.

Communication delays

You can never seem to get ahold of them when it matters most — which is all time. Your cleaners should be available to you for complaints or praises or upgrading of services.


They don’t always show up on time, or maybe not at all and the excuses for their behavior seems to be never ending.

Illegal practices

Their insurance is not up to date or it’s completely non-existent

No Accountability

When things aren’t done to your standard they argue with you as though it is impossible for them to say “I am so sorry about that, it should have never of happened, can I come and fix that immediately for you!”

If any of these points seems to ring a bell with you, contact Scrub Pros of New Orleans today at (504) 334-8260 and let us show you the way your services should be taken care of!