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Schools & universities cleaning service

Likely you were first introduced to the idea of a janitor during your school years. Schools and universities are large buildings that require a lot of upkeep and cleaning. Surrounding students with a clean environment is one of the best ways to promote their education. No one feels safe or comfortable when surrounded by dirt and mess. At Scrub Pros, we are happy to help provide the janitorial services New Orleans needs in their schools.

A New Orleans school janitor has a busy job. There are a lot of places to keep clean: bathrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and lots of floors and carpets needing cleaned. We also perform school office cleaning. With hundreds or thousands of people milling about at any given moment, dirt and germs are sure to spread. That’s where we come in!

Janitorial services for schools & universities

Our staff members are highly trained and trustworthy. At Scrub Pros, our janitors are highly experienced, friendly, and clean with only the best equipment and materials. We offer flexible services: whether you need them during the day or in the evening we are happy to be of assistance. We offer competitive, affordable prices for our high quality cleaning services. Every school’s needs are different, and we are more than happy to assist you in creating a cleaning schedule and program that works for you.