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What is the first thing you notice when you walk into a gym? While you might notice the sophistication of the fitness equipment, you will definitely notice how clean the center is. The Guide to Health Club Cleanliness published by the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) noted that 56% of fitness club members expect that the gym should be germ-free. The study further pointed out that the revenue and performance of gyms, as well as their ability to retain members, is related to their cleanliness. This underscores the importance of gym cleaning in New Orleans.

Why You Really Need to Keep Your Gym Clean

Two of the most important reasons to keep your gym clean have been mentioned above. A clean gym will perform better and will generate more revenue than an unkempt one.
But beyond that, gym cleaning New Orleans is not all about the visual appeal. An Unclean, humid and moist environment could become a breeding ground for a number of disease-causing organisms and microflora. Some of the diseases most prevalent in a gym include influenza, staphylococcus aureus (golden staph), salmonella, dermatophytosis, rhinoviruses, and staphylococcus saprophyticus.

You don’t want your gym to become a breeding ground for these diseases and disease-causing organisms, do you? The only way to avoid such a menace is by regular gym cleaning in New Orleans.

Important Step for Gym Cleaning in New Orleans

Yes, gym cleaning is important but how do you go about it? You definitely do not want to spend all the money on low profile janitors. You want to get the best return on your investment; this is what Scrub Pros offers. Scrub Pros is the right cleaning service in New Orleans for you, especially if you want to clean your gym. The services offered here are designed to ensure that your gym will look clean and sparkling always.

Scrub Pros offers a personalized gym cleaning in New Orleans. No matter the size of your gym, you can be sure that the experts at Scrub Pros will render the perfect service. No gym is too big or too small for Scrub Pros. The experts make use of the best cleaning supplies to clean fitness centers and the services could be tailored to suit your specific business objectives, needs, and budgets. Scrub Pros is the fitness center you can count on.

What Makes Scrub Pros the Best Gym Cleaning Center in New Orleans?

When checking out services online, one of the first things you need to consider is their reviews and recommendations. Scrub Pros is 5 stars rated in all of its review sites which include yelp, facebook, Angie’s list, and Google.

Furthermore, the New Orleans gym cleaning service offers dependable and reliable customer services. The customer service team is always available 24/7 to render top-class customer services. The team is available to help you with your janitorial needs.

Also, Scrub Pros consists of local experts who understand the needs of New Orleans household and make use of the latest cleaning techniques for excellent gym cleaning services in New Orleans. The team can handle any size of gym cleaning job no matter the size or capacity of the gym.

Scrub Pros’ customers put their trust in the service. The team comprises expert and friendly staff and also provides quick resolutions for any issue that may occur when cleaning your facility.

You don’t just obtain an excellent service when hiring a team of experts like Scrub Pros, you obtain an excellent service and peace of mind. The team at Scrub Pros comprises responsible and friendly staff. Scrub Pros thoroughly screens its janitors before hiring any for their cleaning services.

The Scrub Pros Difference

When it comes to gym cleaning in New Orleans, you definitely want the best service. Scrub Pros offers a full range of janitorial services which include scheduled cleaning, garbage disposal, full cleaning of commercial facility and space, and maintenance of any type of commercial building.

Furthermore, the team offers monthly inspection on the cleaning service, problem reporting, and also liability insurance policy of $1,000,000. The team also offers scheduled, geolocated and time tracked staff and a host of other services designed to make your facility look clean and sparkling. With the professional gym cleaning service in New Orleans, you can save more than $5,000. Call Scrub Pros today to start saving on the cleaning service. You can contact the team via email or phone and you will receive a cleaning list and price in minutes to get started.

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